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Leasing of special technique

A leasing company Bogdan Leasing LLC is in a position to pass any special technique in leasing.  


Terms of acquisition of special technique in leasing from Bogdan Leasing LLC:


  • term: to 60 months
  • advance payment: from 15% 
  • rise in prices of the article of leasing: from 8%
  • free arranging on the installment system on: insurance, tax payments
  • Clients can be*:   
    - legal entities: enterprises, organizations of different patterns of ownership and conduct of economic activity       
    - physical persons: subjects of entrepreneurial activity;         
    *on condition that minimum term of activity of enterprise - 12 months.



If you have any proposals concerning possible cooperation, please feel free to contact the experts of our company.

With answers for the most widespread questions, svyazanye with the clients of Bogdan Leasing LLC you can familiarize in a section About Clients and Articles of leasing.


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