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In this section you can find answers for such questions:


General questions
What is financial leasing?
How can I receive property into lease?
How much does the lease cost?
What is the value of the leasing project?
Which indices from the lease payment schedule enable Client have an idea about the lease costs?  
What lease down payment includes?

About terms and documents 
How long it takes to make decision concerning implementation of the leasing project?
How long I have to wait after submitting Application to receive property into leasing and complete package of documents before I receive automobile available in supplier's stock?
What are the minimum and maximum lease terms?
Is early repayment allowed?
What is the deadline for (monthly payment date) for monthly lease payments?
What documents are required from Lessee – legal entity to review its Application to receive property into leasing?What documents are required from Lessee – individual to review its Application to receive property into leasing?
How the documents must be executed?
What period should the required reports cover?

About clients (lessees) and subjects of leasing
Can individual – subject of entrepreneurial activity be a Lessee?
What form of ownership can the enterprise have?
Does place of Client's registration matter?
What can be the subject of leasing?
Can used automobile, specialized vehicle, or equipment be the subject of leasing?
Where can I buy automobile?
Is the choice of supplier limited by the partners of leasing company only?

About standard terms
What is the period of lease?
What is the minimum lease down payment?
Is it possible to reduce the amount of down payment?
How often do I have to make lease payments?
What is included into a monthly lease payment?
What are the components of Lessor's fee (commission)?
In what currency do I have to make lease payments?
What is the project financing currency?
What currency may be used to finance the project?
What is the balance value of subject of leasing upon expiration of the lease period?


About terms of insurance and registration 
What insurance company the subjects of leasing are insured with?
Who is the Insured Party?
What period is covered by insurance?
Can insurance premium be paid in installments?
Is there a need for Client to register automobile fleet?
Who performs registration of the automobile?
Whose name registration documents are executed in?
Is it possible to register automobile in the Client's name?
What documents allow to drive the automobile?

About taxation
What type of leasing is being offered?
At the balance of what enterprise the automobile is accounted for (in the event of financial leasing)
Does Lessee accrue depreciation on the automobile (in the event of financial leasing)
What the Client may include into the company's gross expenses?
When Client will receive tax invoice?
Who pays transport duty and who will bear responsibility before tax authorities for its payment?


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