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Specifics and advantages of leasing

Advantages of leasing:


  • During analysis of Clients solvency we evaluate his business, not the official report indices;
  • Lease agreement is flexible: payment schedule is formed taking into consideration specifics of Clients business;
  • Leasing has no restrictions in terms of Clients territorial location or the form of ownership;
  • Leasing does not provide for the mandatory purchase of additional services from the financing bank;
  • Leasing allows for the substantial savings of both time and money which otherwise wouldve been spent on the maintenance of loan or installment payment agreements;
  • No need to take substantial amount of cash out of circulating capital;
  • No need to look for the additional collateral which may be required to procure the loan;
  • Subject of leasing cannot be a tax pledge or an object of collection by third parties;
  • Equal payments during the entire lease term substantially simplify the process of planning current and future expenses;
  • You can make payments of transport duty, insurance and maintenance of subject of leasing in installments and interest-free during the entire lease term.


Specifics of financial leasing:


  • Subject of leasing is accounted for at the Lessees balance;
  • Subject of leasing is transferred into the Lessees possession;
  • Lessee receives VAT credit for the entire value of the subject of leasing at the time of its receipt;
  • Expenses included in the lease payments are not taxable by VAT (costs of financing, registration, insurance, etc.) and are included into the companys gross expenses.


Specifics of operative leasing:


  • Maintenance of enterprises credit attractiveness (the balance does not reflect long-term liabilities in connection with leasing);
  • All risks related to moral and physical wear of the subject of leasing are borne by the leasing company;
  • Leasing company is responsible for the administration, insurance, and maintenance of subjects of leasing, and as a result, there is no need in having additional personnel;
  • When making lease payments you accrue tax credit for the amount of VAT included in each lease payment;
  • Lease payments are fully included into gross expenses (with the exception of car lease);
  • When receiving subjects of leasing into use and returning them you do not accrue any tax liabilities.


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