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Lease Terms

Bogdan Leasing LLC provides leasing services on the following terms:




Lease period

up to 60 months

Down payment

0 – 30%
(depending on the subject of leasing)

Project value (appreciation of the subject of leasing) taking into account costs of registration of the subject of leasing, execution of project documentation, currency conversion costs, and other mandatory payments

7.5 – 10%

Interest-free installment payments

registration of the subject of leasing, payment of mandatory taxes and duties (motor vehicle owner dues, Pension Fund dues, etc.), insurance of the subject of leasing


Lease payments may include:


  • Compensation for the value of the subject of leasing;
  • Costs of financing;
  • Insurance CASCO;
  • Mandatory insurance of civil liability of motor vehicle owners;
  • 24–hour information and technical support, prompt response, and provisions of assistance throughout Ukraine, tow truck;
  • Transport duty and annual inspection costs (in case subject of leasing is an automobile);
  • Costs of scheduled maintenance performed according to the regulatory list devised by the manufacturer.
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